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Posted by on Nov 25, 2014 in Blog |

A Happy Mouth For The Holidays

A Happy Mouth For The Holidays


The Holiday Season is here and this great time of year seems to show up quicker every year. The Holiday blur usually brings more gatherings and travel resulting in the possibility of good oral health going down the drain. Below are some tips to help keep a happy mouth during the Holidays so the New Year doesn’t come with a lot of damage to repair.

Foods containing a lot of refined sugar have been shown to make plaque growfaster. Starting with Halloween, sugary sweets seem to be everywhere. Candies that stay in your mouth for a longer period of time like lollipops or caramels are the ones best to avoid. If you do want to partake in these treats (and I don’t blame you) mouthwashes are great for a quick rinse to help kill some germs that cause plaque.

Fluids can also beat up your teeth. While green and black teas are healthy and shown to help slow or kill bacteria of the mouth that leads to plaque build up, drinking it can also stain your teeth. Other ‘teeth strainers’ are coffee and red wine. Soda and energy drinks also contain a lot of refined sugar and have high acidity which can also do damage to your teeth. Try to drink these drinks sparingly or use a straw to lessen the contact to your teeth. We offer excellent Zoom and BOOST professional teeth whitening services when it is time to lift these stains and take your smile to the next level.

Unless otherwise directed it is recommended to brush teeth twice and floss once daily. Following these good habits will help prevent the unwanted visitors of germs causing plaque, teeth, and gum issues.

All of us at Briggs Family Dentistry want you to have an amazing Holiday season, just remember to keep up on your good oral hygiene!


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