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The Wand® Anesthesia

Forget the fear! Forget that huge, metal syringe — invented in 1920 — and make way for the “magic” Wand®. Dr. Briggs uses this high technology computer controlled anesthesia application so you feel no pain. You probably think it’s that long needle that hurts so much, it’s not – it’s the flow of the anesthetic into your gum tissue. The Wand® is “gee whiz” technology at its best. Depending on the type of tissue, anesthesia is administered in the perfect dose and temperature to do the job. In most cases, instead of multiple injections, you’ll only need one, maybe two “touches” with the Wand®.

Traditional syringes are known to be an awkward instrument to handle while delivering an anesthetic. Syringes are also infamous for being difficult to accurately inject an anesthetic into oral tissue because of their bulkiness and inconvenient holding position. Along with the overall intimidation that a syringe presents, patients often feel additional unnecessary discomfort from the added pressure of the anesthetic being injected, and the need for multiple injections when necessary. The Wand® appears to pose no threat, and closely resembles a pen. The pen-like design and computer controlled delivery allows Dr. Briggs to inject anesthesia with absolute precision.

No longer will you have to cringe from the pinch of a syringe or deal with speech issues and difficulty eating from an excessively numbed mouth. The Wand® is guaranteed to make the next time you require anesthesia more pleasant.

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