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Metal Free All Porcelain or Zirconia Restoration

metal free restorationMany crowns and restorations used by Dr. Briggs are metal free and constructed from sturdy, long-lasting porcelain or zirconia — artificial diamond-like crystals. These materials give you the surety of permanence and the attractiveness of a natural appearance — another combination of options for your smile.

Getting dental work done can be tricky for many people. While dentists and oral health professionals are well educated about services, products, and procedures patients typically are in that dark and at no fault of their own. It is always a great idea to learn about different dental procedures and the differences between them before electing to have them done. One of the great advances in dental work today is metal free all porcelain restoration.

About Metal Free All Porcelain Restoration

Metal free all porcelain restoration is essentially dental work done with porcelain (a highly durable ceramic) and no metal. What many people don’t realize is that much of the dental work of the past, and today, is done with multiple types of material; in this instance namely metal.

Benefits of Metal Free All Porcelain Restoration

Metal free all porcelain restoration is becoming more popular every day because of its many benefits over work done with other materials (in conjunction with porcelain or other ceramic materials). Metal used in dental restoration can wear much differently over time and dental work can eventually cause a discoloration or change in color of the surrounding gums; an obvious sign that you have had dental work. Metal free all porcelain restoration doesn’t cause a discoloration of the gums the way that metal work does. Choosing metal free all porcelain restoration for dental work will create a more natural smile that will look better.

Metal free all porcelain restoration is a great alternative to the traditional forms of dental work that involved, at least in part, metal materials. If you are considering dental work consider using metal free all porcelain restoration.

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