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No-Preparation Veneers

No-preparation veneersSometimes your smile can become picture perfect without traditional veneer preparation. The new no-preparation veneer uses your healthy teeth as the bonding surface. An ultra-thin coating of porcelain whitens your smile for years to come. For the most part, there is no grinding or reshaping of teeth, allowing the veneers to be applied without discomfort. Transform your smile with no-preparation veneers. The veneer is designed with computer accuracy to fit your smile and no one else’s.

When considering having dental work done many people think they are limited by their existing teeth. While this may be true in some instances it is not always the case, especially these days. Traditionally, in order to combat the current configuration (size, shape, etc) of our teeth, our dentist would have to grind and reshape teeth. This was the process that was, and still is in many cases, the foundation for placing veneers. However, today there is new technology that is known as no-preparation veneers.

About No-Preparation Veneers

No-preparation veneers work very similar to the traditional models; they are placed on (or replace entirely) your teeth and help give them a more appealing cosmetic look. No-preparation veneers function different however, because they are much thinner and look much more natural than traditional ones.

Taking a look at a side-by-side comparison of no-preparation veneers and traditional ones you may notice something; one looks bigger and less natural. No-preparation veneers look much smaller than their counterparts and therefore blend much easier with your existing teeth.

How No-Preparation Veneers are Different

No-preparation veneers work by using powerful fitting and adhesive technology that allows them to virtually slip onto your teeth and fit extremely well. Because there is no shaping to no-preparation veneers many patients find them to be much more comfortable during and after the procedure. If you are in the market for cosmetic dentistry and think that your teeth could look a little better, but whitening just won’t do the trick, then consider these great durable, comfortable, and long lasting alternatives.

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