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Those mouth molds are so yesterday. With the Itero® imaging system, Dr. Briggs uses a laser designed to capture 100,000 points of light from the teeth to create an extremely accurate digital image of your teeth and bite. The level of precision is far beyond what is capable with the old gooey mouth mold.

What is an iTero Scanner?

The iTero Scanner is one of the best technological developments to be introduced to the field of dentistry. This device provides a state of the art reading of a patient’s mouth. By utilizing a series of collective images, the scanner creates a literal blueprint of a person’s jaw outline and bite structure. In addition, dentist’s can use the device to assess their patients’ gum condition as well, which is critical for spotting oral conditions and diseases. In contrast to traditional mouth molds that require patients to physically bite into a goop-filled impression, the iTero scanner does all the work on its own. It takes multiple digital images that can be transformed into a 3-D image upon completion of the scan by your dentist. This 3-D image provides dentist’s with the vital information they need when making mouth molds/braces like Invisalign.

Benefits of the iTero Scanner?

Before this technology came along, dentists had no choice but to have their patients manually bite down into metal trays containing liquid plaster as a means for obtaining the bite impression. Aside from tasting nasty and being very messy, some patients have been known to choke on the goop upon accidental swallowing. The iTero Scanner completely eliminates the need for patient interaction. The risk is eliminated, as the process is fully automated. In addition to being safer and more comfortable for patients, the iTero Scanner is much more quick and efficient than the traditional mold method. Most tests are completed within 5 minutes. The old method can take much longer than this, especially if the patient fails to accurately bite into the impression. Given that obtaining an accurate read is essential, it is not uncommon for dentists to administer the metal tray molds more than once. The iTero scanner is always right the first time. There is no need to hassle with time delays in any respect.

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