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Stem Cell Collection From Extracted Teeth

This is technology at its newest. Researchers are studying the possibility of diseased gums being repaired with newly grown tissue. Have you ever thought of replacement teeth being grown from your own cells? Within your teeth, even within your child’s baby teeth, there are adult stem cells. Drs. Briggs can collect these stem cells and preserve them for your family’s future. While some of the amazing results—such as growing new teeth—are still five to ten years from reality, these are the same stem cells that may be used to create “personalized medicine” to treat more than just gum disease and missing teeth.

The use of stem cells has been found to offer amazing results when applied in treatments for severe health conditions such as heart disease, brain trauma, or many types of cancer. Aside from the many examples of the miracle cures that adult stem cells offer, the great question is “How can stem cells be collected from teeth?”

Process of Stem Cell Collection

Stem cell collection from teeth is a delicate process that needs to be planned carefully to store useful stem cells. Typically your dentist will take special care of teeth when they are extracted to maintain their health long enough to remove the useful stem cells. The stem cells may then be cultured to replicate, and are eventually stored with cryogenic freezing for long term preservation.

This revolutionary process is the bridge to the future of treating each individual with their own regenerative cells which have the potential to save lives. Take planning for your family’s future to the next level by allowing Dr. Briggs to collect stem cells from you and your family’s teeth.

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