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Do you have white spots on your front teeth that stand out, causing you to be embarrassed and unhappy with your smile? We can help you want to smile fully again. A new product, Icon, can help.

How Icon Works
You won’t need anesthesia and there will be no drilling! Icon is a product that penetrates into the tiny wholes in tooth enamel. When treated with Icon, those embarrassing white spots will take on the appearance of the surrounding enamel. Also, Icon is used to treat the early stages cavities between the teeth without drilling. A gel is placed on the decalcified area. Icon is then placed in the area to fill in and strengthen the damaged tooth. Healthy tooth structure is preserved and the life expectancy of the tooth can be prolonged.

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The dentists at Briggs Family Dentistry have been using Icon with great success. Call us or come in to get more information on this fascinating new product. You’ll be happy with your new and improved smile!

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