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Restorative Dentistry


Lasers are so sophisticated these days; they can be used on hard tissue – your teeth – and soft tissue – your gums. Briggs Family and Cosmetic Dentistry use both. The hard tissue laser can be used to prepare teeth for cosmetic dentistry. The soft tissue laser is used to treat gum disease. What’s amazing is that your comfort comes first—these techniques are virtually pain free. Hard Tissue Lasers Hard tissue lasers can be used for many cosmetic and restorative procedures. These lasers are especially useful for removing decayed tooth matter. It has been found that cavities can be treated…

Laser Decay Diagnosis

Realizing that as many as 50% of the potential cavities are missed by the old poke and probe method, Dr. Briggs switched to the completely painless Diagnodent® decay detector. Using technology, the decay diagnosis is made with a special laser designed to not hurt you, your teeth, or your gums. It finds even the smallest decay in your mouth. In the past, x-ray technology and dental probe needles were the only way for dentists to find cavities. Unfortunately, both methods required the decayed area to be fairly large to be noticed by x-rays, and to be confirmed with the diagnosis…

Digital X-rays

If you can use a digital camera to take instant pictures, if your doctor has access to ultra-sound, MRIs, and CAT-scans, why shouldn’t a dentist go digital? That’s why Dr. Briggs moved into digital x-rays. No more environmentally-risky chemicals and films, less radiation exposure to you and the dental assistant. Your digital x-rays are ready for doctor review within seconds. Best of all, you don’t have to sit with that cardboard “bitewing” in your mouth any longer. A clearer image, a faster review, and it all add to your comfort at Briggs Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. While the gag-inducing “bitewings”…

Computer Generated Crowns

Sinking your teeth into that pink goo and holding it in your mouth while it sets up is a thing of the past. Dr. Briggs uses the new Itero computer systems to make a map of your teeth. The same computer aided drafting technology used to make parts for the space station, computers, and skyscrapers is now mapping your mouth. Absolute digital precision maps of your teeth and your bite are used to make the models used to make your new teeth. We know that your teeth need to appear and function naturally, which is why we have chosen the…

White Fillings

Good-bye silver smiles! Dr. Briggs is able to fill most cavities with white fillings – better known as “composites.” Made from quartz and glass, composite fillings allow for smaller areas to be filled. Mixed into a resin, composite fillings adhere to the teeth. When cavities are small to medium sized, the white fillings allow for bigger smiles. What are the Benefits of White Fillings? In comparison to silver amalgam fillings, white fillings tend to be more durable as they form a stronger bond on the existing structure of the tooth. The composite material these filling are comprised of also helps…

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