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Computer Generated Crowns

Sinking your teeth into that pink goo and holding it in your mouth while it sets up is a thing of the past. Dr. Briggs uses the new Itero computer systems to make a map of your teeth. The same computer aided drafting technology used to make parts for the space station, computers, and skyscrapers is now mapping your mouth. Absolute digital precision maps of your teeth and your bite are used to make the models used to make your new generated crowns

We know that your teeth need to appear and function naturally, which is why we have chosen the Itero scanner, which provides an accurate and detailed digital map of your teeth within a few minutes. In the past, patients had to wait for weeks to receive their new crowns because of shipping the impressions to labs. Now, accurate digital scans can be sent to labs wirelessly, allowing the crowns to be created and installed more quickly. The clear benefit of this system is the need for fewer dental appointments, which saves you precious time and money.

Why sit in discomfort with mold impressions when you can have your bite comfortably mapped within minutes? Superior patient care is the main focus at Briggs Family Dentistry, which is why we only use the most accurate and advanced technologies to create lasting crowns.

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