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The Wand

Here’s a little info on the way Briggs puts the teeth to sleep.

The syringe. It’s the #1 cause of stress in the dental office and the biggest source of anxiety and fear for the patient. It’s often painful for the patient, and it’s uncomfortable and stressful for clinicans and hygienists to use.

A proven practice-builder, The Wand® STA provides a painless, stress-free alternative to dental anesthesia via syringe. It delivers a computer-regulated flow of anesthetic and is comfortable to hold, meaning that your injections will be consistent, accurate, and painless for the patient and clinician, every time!

The Wand® STA All Injection System

The Wand® STA delivers a computer-regulated flow of anesthesia that provides immediate, pain-free dental anesthesia for all injection types. It makes your injections easier! Patients will experience no pain or numbness, and the ergonomic handpiece is comfortable for the clinician and non-threatening to patients. The Wand® features Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA), a new injection that effortlessly delivers anesthetic to the PDL space for profound anesthesia of a single tooth.

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